Monday, March 30, 2009

Here's BABY!!!!

Adam and I had our first doctor's appointment today. And during our appointment, we got to see the baby for the first time!!!

The tech was very quiet, so nervously I asked her, "So, so far so good?" She laughed and said that everything was fine, she was just taking the measurements for the doctor. Then I asked, "So there's REALLY a baby in there?" and she laughed again and said yes, and that there was only ONE baby in there....which made Adam and I very happy!

She then turned the monitor around so we could see our little raspberry. She showed us the heart and how it was fluttering, the arms, legs, head and tiny little baby bottom! She said the heart was beating strong and at our 12 week appointment (April 20) we should be able to hear the baby's heart beat!

I love how they butter us up with the wonderful pictures of the baby before we go talk to the financial lady! It's definitely an expensive business, making babies! We will start making monthly payments for the doctor next month up until our last month, so that by the time the delivery comes, he'll be paid for. Then we'll just have to worry about the hospital, anesthesiologist, pathology and newborn care (among other things, I'm sure!). Crazy!

After the financial lady, we met with Dr. Chacon and he went over the due date with us (November 5!) and answered our questions.

And for the final touch, we spent an hour at the lab so I could pee in a cup and fill half a dozen tubes with blood. Good times today!

Enjoy the pics of the little raspberry!


Katrina said...

Awe, so cute! =)

Jerry and Suzy said...

Wow! Isn't our first great-grandchild a cutie, though? Just think how that kid will we spoiled and pampered beginning November 5! For ~G~r~a~m~m~a's sake, tell the baby to be two days late!

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