Thursday, July 31, 2008

10 Thought Thursday

I have a friend that does this on Tuesday, but felt like I'd try it for today.

1. I really love my new job and how busy it keeps me.

2. I also love the fact that South Lake Tahoe is in my territory....I got to spend the whole afternoon there!

3. I really need to make a point of packing a lunch each day so I 1. don't gain a ton of weight from eating out each day and 2. don't spend a ton of money from eating out each day!

4. I love juicy summertime fruit! Costco had some awesome looking nectarines today, so I bought a flat. I also got mango and blueberries.

5. My mom and dad have been doing these pre-assembled meals they get at It's this really cool program (like Dream Dinners, but you do it at home)
where you purchase menus that include recipes, shopping list, pre-assemble instructions and cooking instructions. You prep the five meals in a few hours and freeze the ingrediants until you are ready to use them, then you have an already put together meal that you cook really quick. All of the prep work is done making dinner easy. I'm gonna try it out.

6. I like it when Adam cooks dinner and I don't have to, like he did tonight!

7. Being super busy is exhausting...I'm ready for bed and it's 7 p.m.

8. I am in a Peddler's fair this weekend, and while it's fun, it's a lot of work.

9. Because I'm in a Peddler's fair this weekend, I won't get to do any relaxing until NEXT weekend.

10. I have to leave soon to go over to my mom and dad's to help my mom pack her car for the Peddler's fair this weekend, and I really just want to stay home and go to sleep!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Busy busy busy!!

Holy smokes I've been a busy girl! This is the fourth week at my new job and I've fully submersed myself in it. I absolutely love what I'm doing and my days are just flying by!

Originally when I started, I was going to handle Territory 12, which is northeast Carson, Dayton, Virginia City and Washoe Valley. It's a great territory and there is a lot of great business to be done. of my co-workers is leaving the company to go sell TV ads for Fox TV, which will leave her territory open, Territory 18. After discussing it with my other co-workers and sales manager, I will take over her territory (officially) next week. What I really love about this new territory is that is Douglas County, which includes the very south part of Carson City where I live, Minden, Gardnerville, Genoa, Topaz Lake and South Lake Tahoe. It's a totally awesome territory, and I know a lot of the companies in Carson, Minden and Gardnerville since I have lived/worked in that area for the past three years.

So, I've been working Territory 12 this week and last to get some new businesses to run (I got 8!), and I've also been going around with my co-worker to introduce myself to her accounts. And to make life even more interesting, my other co-worker has been out of the office due to back issues (and will most likely need surgery), so I've been working in his territory as well to make sure we stay on top of reaching our monthly goals! Crazy times! After this week, I'll be the only sales person in the office until Troy recovers from everything he's going through...definitely busy, but I LOVE it!

We went camping last weekend at Sly Park with some friends. It was so much fun! The dogs had a good time, too. Jack swam and swam and swam. He ran to the water, jumped in and then swam in circles, only taking short breaks when we forced him to! Needless to say, he slept very well! Tarot is not crazy about swimming. She went in a few times, but with a lot of coaxing, and only stayed in the water when I was carrying her around! We mainly brought her into the water so we could clean her off since she was soooooo dusty.

This weekend I'll be in the Bay Area for the Martinez Peddler's Fair to sell jewelry with my mom and aunt. I'm hoping this will be a good money maker for us, since I still owe my mom for some of our business' overhead. It's going to be a busy weekend, whether we make money or not. I think after this weekend I'll have a few weeks to relax before my cousin's wedding, which will be really nice!

I hope everyone is having a great week! I'll try to update this again soon, but I'm not going to make any promises!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Loving the job

I've been in the Carson office (my "home base") for almost a week now, and I'm loving it! The team I work with - two other sales executive and an account manager (our right-hand, go-to person in the office) - all really get along well. They are all great people and have made me feel extremely welcome. They have also been amazing at answering all of my questions and even sending me stuff to help me organize and get me on track.

I've met with some of my clients this week and will be making many more appointments for next week and the weeks to come. I've received some great advice on how to make a good impression on my clients and new accounts from other new sales executives. Next week I'll be in complete control of my appointments and getting things going...And I can't wait to hit the ground running full steam ahead!

One thing though...I'm EXHAUSTED!!!! My brain has reached maximum-plus-some capacity for the day. I'm pretty sure I will be down for the count soon enough to recharge for tomorrow.

I hope everyone is having a great week just like me!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sweet weekend

Sam, my 13 year old brother, spent the majority of this weekend with us. We had a lot of fun. Friday we rented a bunch of movies and had Papa Murphy pizza. It was nice to veg out after my first full week at work.

Yesterday we took Sam to see Hellboy II. It was actually pretty entertaining! We had rented Hellboy I for Friday night so we'd know what the premise of the movie was. The first one, okay. But Hellboy II was pretty good. After that, we came back to the house and did some more relaxing.

Today I took Sam to the Minden Swim Center. He joined the swim team about 3 weeks ago and has been loving it. When we got there, he challenged me to a race...I totally won, not once, but three times! Of course, I'm sure it won't take too much longer of 4 day a week practices for him to be able to kick my butt! Dad met us there a little later and we went down the water slides for a little bit and then played H-O-R-S-E for awhile before laying out in the sun. After we were done hanging at the pool, I went home and Adam and got our grocery shopping for the week done. Now we're getting ready to grill up some steaks for dinner.

Overall, a very relaxing weekend with the fam! I'm ready for tomorrow, though. It'll be my first day out in my territory. Hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend and have a great week, too!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Second day was great!

This is just a quicky...Second day of my new job was great! I was busy for the majority of the day, which was really nice. Tomorrow I'll have a few more training meetings and Thursday I'll actually get to go out in the field to "shadow" one of the other Sales Reps. I'll finish the week up with more training on Friday, then next week I'll be in the Carson office, which is the office I'll work in normally, and will go with the Regional Sales Manager to meet with my accounts. I'm really excited to finish up this week and really get to work.

I hope everyone else is having a good week, and have a happy hump day tomorrow!

Monday, July 7, 2008

First day of work and the hubby's birthday!

Today is Adam's 28th birthday! Even though today is the actual day, we've been celebrating pretty much since Thursday. Adam's brother, Casey, flew in from Washington, D.C. late Wednesday evening for the occasion. Thursday we hung out at my in-laws' house and bbqed pork chops and played card and dice games.

Friday, everyone came over to our house for 4th of July fun. Adam made homemade pizza and we played Mexican Train, a really fun dominoes game. Casey stayed at our house Friday night, and we stayed up until about 1a.m. playing Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Here II. It was a lot of fun to hang out with's been about 7 months since we've last seen him.

Saturday, Doug and Sally (my in-laws) came over for brunch. I made coffee cake, which was delish! Then we played more Mexican Train...Doug lost horribly the night before and wanted to redeem himself...which he definitely did! I skunked everyone Friday, and on Saturday, Doug kicked all our butts, and I was in last place by A LOT! I also gave Adam his birthday present...a hammock! We already had the eyelets on the pillars on our patio, so I thought it was the perfect gift. Well, it would have been if 1. the eyelets were the right size and 2. the pillars were cemented into the ground or actually connected to something. Adam set it up and went to lay down and one of the pillars almost came tumbling down, which would have collapsed the entire pergola! So now we'll have to buy a base to hang the hammock from because the pillars that seemed to be perfect for a hammock have now been proved otherwise....oh well!

Saturday night, after games and hammock fun, we went to Q's for dinner. They have some amazing bbq!!! Adam and I always get the tri-tip sandwich, and Doug and Sally always get the pulled pork sandwich. After dinner, Doug, Sally and Casey went back to Reno and Adam and I went to Lowes to get some chicken wire to set up a dog run for our pups. We finished off our project and then played some Guitar Hero II before heading off for bed.

Sunday Adam and I went to Reno to hang out with the family some more. We ended up going bowling at one of the casinos, then we ate at the Atlantis buffet. So much food and so super tasty! After eating until our tummies bulged out, we played some table black jack. The house took us for all we put down! We finished out the night by playing some slots, where Adam recovered a tiny bit of our losses! After that, Adam and I went home so I could get ready for my first day of work!

Which brings me to today! Today was my first day at my new job. It was the typical first day...not a whole lot to do, some training, but not as much as I was hoping for. I'll start in my territory next week, which is what I am really looking forward to. I should be getting my laptop soon, which will help with my training this week because I'll be able to look through my accounts and see who's doing what and so on. I'm excited that I started and ready to get into some real action soon! When I got home from work tonight, Doug, Sally and Casey were already at our house and Adam's birthday dinner was in the oven! We had lasagna, garlic bread and salad...mmmm it was tasty! The fam left pretty soon after dinner, so Adam and I have been able to relax and have some time just the two of us...and that's how I was able to finish not one but TWO posts tonight!! If you didn't see, I posted a blog about the wedding I went to last weekend with lots of pictures!

I hope everyone else had a great weekend like me and a good rest of the week!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Finally, wedding photos!

Sorry it's been awhile since I last blogged. I know I promised pictures from the wedding I was in last weekend, but that was before I took 250 pictures!!! I've been sorting through them all and have come up with some of my favorites from the weekend, which are below.

To recap, one of my best friends from college got married last weekend. I was honored to be one of her bridesmaids and to be part of such a beautiful day. She was absolutely STUNNING! I flew into San Diego Saturday morning and hung out with the Groom, Neil, and his family for a little bit. Such nice people! Then he took me to the Bride, Gwen, and I jumped into helping her family prepare food for the "After Wedding Brunch" that they were hosting on Monday. I can proudly say I am now the queen of peeling and cutting carrots! As friends and family started arriving into town, they all came over to Gwen's mom and dad's house for a catered lunch. We hung out and laughed, talked, and had a great time! We did a practice makeup run on Gwen, and then Katie, another bridesmaid and very good friend of mine, and Gwen's sister, Jen, went out for a "last night as a non-married woman" drink, then brought back to her parents house so she could sleep in the bedroom she grew up in one last time. After that, Katie and I went to the airport to pick up her boyfriend, Dan, who was flying in from New York. The three of us went back to our hotel suite and crashed, since it was about 1:30 when we got back!

Sunday the three of us went down for the hotel breakfast and ran into all of Gwen's aunts, uncles, and her grandma. We joined them and had a great time chatting and telling stories about Gwennie. Then it was time to go upstairs and get ready for the wedding! We got to the wedding site, the Wild Animal Park, around 1:30p.m. and met up with Gwen, Jen, and Emily (another bridesmaid, who is awesome!). I took a ton of pictures of Gwen getting her hair and make up done. After we were all ready, the photographer took us all over the park for pictures. When it was wedding time, a golf cart drove us on our own personal tour of the park. That was really fun and other park guests congratulated Gwen during our tour. The wedding was beautiful, their vows were so sweet...I cried, of course! In fact, I cried a lot...when she was getting ready, during the wedding, during their first dance, during my toast and everyone elses!

After the ceremony, we took our pictures, then went to the reception. Everyone had a blast at the reception, the food was amazing, the music fun...There were even two animal shows for us all to watch! The party lasted until about 11p.m., then we went back to our hotel. We invited some of our friends over, with the intent to keep the party going, but we didn't get there until 11:45 and were all exhausted by that point. We sat and talked in our suite and then our friends left around 12:30.

Monday we headed back over to Gwen's parent's house for the brunch. It was fun to see the newlyweds and talk about what a great wedding it was. I have a few friends in San Diego that attended the brunch, so when it was over, I hung out at their house for a few hours before my flight home. It was nice to relax with them and catch up. When Adam picked me up at the airport, he had the dogs with him, too, and I got lots of excited puppy kisses to welcome me home! So, that was last weekend! I'll have another post soon about this weekend....until then, enjoy the wedding photos!

Gwen's amazing dress.
Hair and Make Up
Gwen's sister, Jen, did her make up.
A toast to the bride!

Gorgeous hair!
Gwen's aunts, grandma and mom.
The Bride's and Maid of Honor's flowers
The one and only Katie Woodside.Lacing up the Bride.
The only formal picture I took after the wedding....kinda forgot I had my camera! This is Neil's family.
During the reception, we were treated to two animal shows. The first one was with this porcupine, and the second was with an anteater.
Katie and our good friend Dave on the dance floor.
Dave and I
Dennis and Kate
We definitely took advantage of the "cocktail" hour....we stocked up on drinks since we only had an hour!
The girls: Julianne, Erin, me and Kate.The beautiful bride and her childhood friend, Em.
The cakes were amazing! The flavors were lemon, chocolate, strawberry and caramel. YUM!
Cutting the cake.
Back to dancing!!
Gwen and her nephew, HaydenGwennie and me
The happy couple!
My good friend, Julianne, and her new beau, Jason.
Kate and I
Katie and her fabulous boyfriend, Dan.
There was this awesome bronze rhino...of course we had to ride on it! Erin, me, Julianne and Kate.
This one is the "Bridesmaid Rhino Ride"

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