Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Pics

Here are a few of the pics we got during Friday's sonogram. In the first set (one blank, the other marked) the baby is rubbing it's eyes with it's hands, like we woke it up from a nap.

In the second set you can see the baby's face more clearly. Again, the second one is marked so you can see what is what.

We didn't get a lot of body shots, since we didn't want to know the sex.



Jerry and Suzy said...

What a view of our first great-grandchild! You take care of Boos, Nee, and train him/her up good, like you were raised!

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

See you in a very short time!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rene I put this on Alvin and Fay's favorites so they too can keep up with the baby news. We are so excited and can't wait to know if you need pink or blue things. Dennis is saying a girl and I'm saying a boy. We have a 50 50 chance on being right. We love you and take care of YOU!!!

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