Sunday, September 13, 2009

Been awhile...

Sorry it's been a few weeks since my last post. Work has kept me pretty busy, a little busier than I really wanted. We've had multiple special sections to wrap up, with another deadline coming up this Friday for our Readers' Choice section that comes out at the end of the month, plus we have artwork due for the Bi-Annual Chamber of Commerce Directory that we put out, on top of our daily deadlines for the regular paper. This week I also have a conference call on Tuesday night for the Cal Aggie Alumni Marching Band Officer Council that I am on, a Chamber of Commerce breakfast and a Downtown Business Association Board meeting Wednesday morning, a Chamber mixer that night, Sam's football game on Thursday night, and a possible breastfeeding class on Saturday. I'm already exhausted!!!

I had my 32 week check up this last week. The baby's measurements were good and the heartbeat was at 140 bpm. The doctor was very happy with my results, and was even okay with the fact that I lost 3 lbs this last month. That puts me at a total of 4 lbs gained, and even then, I'm still down 2 lbs from where I started since I lost 6 lbs in the first trimester! The baby is still in the head up position, but Dr. Chacon said that he's not concerned. He said just because the baby is head up right now doesn't mean the baby will be head up in even an hour. I have my next check up on September 30 at 35 weeks. Dr. Chacon said it's not uncommon for babies to turn at 38 weeks and to not worry until we have to.

Saturday, Adam and I attended the local hospital's birthing class. It was....interesting. Right away I was a little put off by the teacher because here all of us pregnant women are and she starts talking about nutrition during pregnancy! One lady's due date was just a few days away!!! Didn't really feel the information was pertinent at that point. I did like that she wasn't over-the-top pro natural birth. In fact, when she had her three kids, she had wanted the epidural but didn't have time to get one. The information was pretty out dated for the most part and she did make us practice the breathing (which I refused to do the Hee Hee Hee Whoooo). For as much as Adam and I were wishing we had left at lunch, I did really like that she went over a lot of the different positions that you can use to help move that baby "down the pipes."

That's pretty much all I have in me for tonight's update. I will try to update again later this week, but you see what I'm up against, so don't be surprised if it just doesn't happen!!!


Jerry and Suzy said...

Hey, busy woman! You are leading a full life, and some of that is going to take a beating when you are a Mama!

Congratulations on your excellent weight control. We are, as always, extremely proud of you!

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