Monday, October 12, 2009

24 Days Left

I can't believe I am writing that I only have 24 days left!!! Seems like just yesterday that I first announced I was pregnant in early March! I packed our hospital bag over the weekend. I just have a few more things to add and then I'll be ready for when we need to go. Only other thing we really need to do for a trip home from the hospital is install the car seat.

Adam and I have been preparing the house. The baby's room is almost complete...we just need to move the books we took off the book shelf when we moved it out of the baby's crib and putting up some of the decorations we got from the baby shower. The furniture is all in place though. We do still need to put away all of the great loot we received from the baby shower on 10/3. I know I need to post pictures...I don't have them yet from mom since she's super busy with school and work and family. Should have them pretty soon though!

We did our first load of baby laundry yesterday. It's amazing how much clothing you can get into one load of laundry! I'm going to fold it all and put it away tonight. We have to do the blankets, towels and wash clothes next.

We've also put together the glider that my brother-in-law and sister-in-law got us for the shower. We cleaned up the bedroom this weekend so it would fit. It's going to be nice having the glider in our room for feeding and comforting the little one during the night.

I have someone coming to clean all of the carpets on Thursday. I'm sooooo excited about that! It's been awhile since we've had them done, and I've heard really good things about the company I've hired. Mom had someone come clean her house for her for the baby shower, and it only cost $75 for the whole house. I'm thinking that would be TOTALLY worth it!!!! It's like I keep getting things on my list done, and then we have company or life just happens and all my hard work is undone. It's very frustrating, so I think hiring someone to come take care of it for me will be nice.

That's really about it here. Adam and I have been working hard to get the house in order and get things taken care of at work for our time off. I feel like I just need to get through this week to finish scheduling all of my ads and then I'll be ready to have this little one arrive. I have my 37 week appointment on Wednesday, so I'll be able to update any progress that may have been made in the last two weeks then. At 37 weeks, the baby is considered full term, so it really could happen at any time from then to 4 or 5 weeks from then. Hopefully not 4 or 5 weeks long. Maybe two or three.

Hope everyone has a great week and I'll update again soon!


Jerry and Suzy said...

Welcome back to blogland, Sweetie! We've missed you. Tried to phone you last weekend, but no answer, no recorded message. You have a right to be busy, that's for sure!

Take care of Boss for us, and tell Adam to take good care of YOU as well -- of course, we know he does, but you are going to be TIRED, and you'll need lots of love and understanding.

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