Monday, November 9, 2009


Well, went to the doctor today and still only made very minimal progress as far as my cervix dropping and opening. Adam and I had gone over our options and weighed each one over the past week and decided to go for the induction this week.

So, tomorrow at 7pm we will check into the hospital where I will be set up on an IV and monitoring system. Then I will be given a tablet (not sure if it will be orally or another way) of a prostaglandin based drug to help soften my cervix and help with effacement and dilation. After four hours of monitoring, they will give me a second dose of the drug, which will be followed another four hours later by my first dose of pitocin, an oxytocin based drug that will take me pretty quickly into hard labor. We'll go from there! There is no telling how well my body will react to either drug, how long I will be on the pitocin, or if we will have to do a c-section or not.

I am so totally excited to know that by Wednesday I will be holding my little baby in my arms instead of wrapping my arms around my belly! But I have to admit, I am extremely nervous and anxious about the whole thing. Good thoughts tomorrow and Wednesday would be greatly appreciated by all!

The next time I update this will most likely be with pictures of the new addition to the family!!!


Jerry and Suzy said...

Nanee - we have you and Adam and Boss in our prayers. If baby comes at 2:00am, don't call right away. The news can wait until we wake up at our normal 5:00 am!

Love you, and if we could reach that far, we'd each be holding your hand. Except Adam has first rights at hand holding, and your Mom will be in there with you also. Not enough room for all of us, so we'll just hold each other's hand and think of you!

Jessica said...

Yea! You're gonna do great :)

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