Tuesday, November 11, 2008

10 Random Long Thought Tuesday

1. My work schedule this week and next is insane! I belong to the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Carson Chamber of Commerce, the Young Business Professionals Association, and the Downtown Business Association of Carson City. I'm also thinking of joining Women Entrepreneurs of Nevada. Between all five of these associations, I have two events tomorrow, one on Thursday, one on Saturday, three next Wednesday and one next Thursday. Yowza!

2. I LOVE being this involved in my community and this busy! Yeah, I'm a little tired after these kinds of weeks, but it's worth it when everyone knows who I am and I know them. It's weird because the networking saying used to be "It's all in who you know." Now it's "It's not who you know, it's who knows you." I'm going for both!

3. I found a great Pet Supplies and Gifts store yesterday. They carry the brand of food we buy (and it's cheaper than Petco!) and they have a lot of cool products, some of them by local companies. I prefer to support small local businesses when given the opportunity.

4. I hope Jack passes his Canine Good Citizen class. We're working with him a lot on the 10 areas he'll be tested on. I'm a little bit nervous about it...The good news is he gets a practice test in two weeks before his real test in three weeks. If he passes the practice test, then he passes the class and doesn't need to take the real test.

5. Jack was pretty cute at training last night. We're actually enrolled in two classes. Advanced Obedience for Jack (which started two weeks ago) and Basic Obedience for Tarot (which started last night). Since last night was the first Basic class, we didn't bring Tarot. But the Basic class is right after the Advanced class, so we still had Jack with us. He got to be the Demo Dog and I am proud to say he did a GREAT job! He just about turned himself inside out every time Sarah, the trainer, needed him to do something. She runs the rescue shelter we got the dogs from, and he just loves her like you wouldn't believe! I'm pretty sure he would go home with her if he could.

6. I learned at our Advanced training last night that you can bring well behaved, leashed dogs into Bed Bath and Beyond! We walked Jack around the store last night during class to get him used to behaving in a new area. There's actually a number of stores that you can bring your dogs into, two more of them being Lowe's and Home Depot. Part of our homework is to take Jack to different stores to practice his new skills. I'm thinking tomorrow night will be Lowe's, Saturday will be Bed Bath and Beyond, and Sunday will be Home Depot.

7. I'm watching Good Eats with my husband while I'm typing this up. My husband loves this show, and I like it too. The cheesy (no pun intended) themes are entertaining and the recipes (Adam has made several of them and has all of the Good Eats cookbooks) are pretty good. However, it cracks me up how he says "Thusly" at least two times in each show. He always says it after he shows a step in the cooking process. Example from tonight's show: "We will apply a fork, thusly," which he said after forking holes into his grahm crackers before baking. I just heard the second one for the night: "And the wet goes into the dry, thusly," which came after he added the wet ingredients to his dry ingredients.

8. I keep having dreams that the dogs and cats are finally getting along. I know that isn't happening because I usually wake up to the dogs jumping the baby gate that keeps them away from where the kitties hang out and start barking and chasing them around. I'm pretty sure the war will continue for many years. Every now and then I find a cat claw shell stuck in one of the dogs' faces.

9. I've completely lost interest in this season's Dancing With The Stars. I'm not really sure why I don't enjoy it any more. Maybe it was the fact that Kim Kardashian and Brooke Burke were on it...One is a socialite space cadette and the other is a skanky topless model. I guess it just takes the fun out of a family show. However, I am eagerly awaiting the next season of So You Think You Can Dance. I truly love that show! In fact, Adam bought tickets for us to go see the tour when it came to Reno for our anniversary. It was so amazing, I'd love to go again next year if they come to Reno.

10. And while I've completely lost interest in Dancing With The Stars, I've completely gained interest in the renewed 90210!!! It's my new guilty pleasure on Tuesdays. Usually I can get away with watching it without Adam knowing...but he doesn't have class tonight because of Veteran's Day, so I'm busted! It brings me back to when I was younger (Jr. High and High School) and my mom and I would have a girls night and watch 90210 and Party of Five. Ahhh...the days of teenage angst and drama I never have to go through ever again!


Jerry and Suzy said...

Welcome back, Nanee! Nice to see (read) you again.

Doesn't the obedience training for Jack and Tarot teach them not to abuse cats? Maybe that's the VERY advanced session!

Love you,
Papa and ~G~r~a~m~m~a~

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