Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm evil

I got home about an hour ago from a business meeting that I attend once a month for the Downtown Business Association of the city I live in. I've worked my a$$ off to get into this group, put together proposals so the company I work with can partner with them as their official print sponsor for their association and the events they hold. Because of the hard work I've done, I'm a respected member of their group, my company is the official print sponsor of their association and the events they hold, and I'm like family to a lot of them.

So why am I evil? competitors also attend these meetings that I attend. And the only reason they started attending is because they found out I was going to present the program they are currently running with my company. They tried to get onto the same agenda I was on when I attended my first meeting and pitched my proposal. They were shut down. They pitched a horrible program at the next meeting...they were put on hold. They pitched again tonight. They were totally blasted by the majority of the Association.

So why am I evil?

Because I have enjoyed every second of it! I have loved that they are shooting themselves in the foot because they're scrambling now that they finally have some competition in town. I love that they're getting shot down and majority of the group doesn't want to advertise with them. I love that they're fuming because I got the sale.

So, I know I'm evil and I'm enjoying this way to much. But you competitors have been around for awhile and have become comfortable with being the "only pony show in town." I've heard stories from clients that the level of customer service they receive is terrible and are glad to have another option now. I think it's good for them to have some competition to make them re-evaluate the service and products they provide. So maybe I'm not too evil...I'm just working hard so I can encourage them to do the same!


Happy Friday to everyone! Be evil and give your competition something to worry about!


Jerry and Suzy said...

Good for you, Doll! Go get 'em!

(Good to see you back on the post -- you've been away a while.)

Love you all the way from Benson, AZ!

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