Saturday, January 3, 2009

Family Weight Loss Challenge

If you are motivated by a little extra cash in your pocket, here's an idea that my family is doing to help us all lose a little weight.

We are doing a 12 week Family Weight Loss Challenge. The five participating family members have put $10 into a pot. The goal for each person is to lose as much weight as possible by the end of the 12 week period, and the person who has lost the largest percentage of their starting body mass will get the money. We decided not to base on pounds because some of us (me) have more to lose than others (my father-in-law), and this is the best and most fair way for all of us to participate.

The last challenge we did was $20 each, and my mother-in-law lost a whopping 21 lbs and won $80! I wasn't motivated during the last go around, but I definitely am this time! We weigh in on Monday and go until March 30.

Good luck if you decide to use this program!


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