Tuesday, September 30, 2008

10 Great/Not Great Thought Tuesday

Surprise, surprise....another TTT focused on house stuff....here we go!

1. We closed on the house last Friday!!! And that is GREAT!

2. Adam and his parents painted a few of the rooms at the new house, and they look GREAT!

3. They also put in new electrical outlets in the bedroom so they aren't icky yellow, but bright white...and they look GREAT!

4. When they turned off the electricity to the master bedroom to redo the outlets, they crossed some wires and now we don't have power in the bedroom, walk-in closet, and bathroom....And that is NOT great.

5. My dad is going to come over and fix it on Thursday....and that is GREAT!

6. The previous owners of our house didn't do any cleaning what-so-ever before they left on Friday...and that is NOT great.

7. I hired a cleaning company to come clean the new house today so I wouldn't have to do it. And that is GREAT!

8. I also hired a carpet cleaning company to come professionally steam clean the carpets in the new house tomorrow so I don't have to do it....and that is GREAT!

9. The two companies are also going to clean the rental house when we are done so I don't have to....and that is GREAT!

10. The two companies are giving us a great deal for both houses...and that is GREAT!


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