Friday, September 19, 2008

Loan secured!

Adam and I signed all of our loan paperwork for our new house this afternoon!!!!! The only thing we are waiting on now is the ex-husband (well, not really an ex-husband since the sellers weren't married, but did have a common-law marriage) to sign his portion of the documents. Apparently he is quite the stinker and is being difficult. All I know is he better have his stuff done by next Friday when we are scheduled to close or I may go up to Washington myself and kick his butt!

So our next step is to finish up (or rather really start) packing everything at the old place to make moving day easier.



Jerry and Suzy said...

You guys are rockin'!

It's so exciting to have your first "bought" home.

Have a great moving day, and we hope you don't have to go to Washington.

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