Sunday, December 14, 2008

Are you old enough?

Adam and I went out to do our Christmas shopping today. Our last stop was WalMart, where one of the items we purchased was Planes, Trains and Automobiles for my dad. Adam and I went through the self checkout since we only had 4 or 5 items and didn't want to wait in the regular line.

I guess it shouldn't have surprised me that the movie we got for my dad was rated R, since it's got some pretty bad language in it. But what did surprise me was when we rang it up and the check out screen said we needed to have our age verified by the attendant.

What surprised me even more? She didn't believe that I was old enough to purchase a rated R movie. SERIOUSLY? I looked at her, said just that, and then informed her that in 9 days I will be turning 27, a full DECADE OLDER than 17!

Now, I know that it's wonderful to be told that you look younger than you are, but at 27, I would really prefer to look my age. No one takes me seriously because they think I'm a kid. At 37, I'll be fine with looking 10 years younger. But it's insulting to me when people think I'm a teenager!

All right...I'm done ranting for the night. Hope you all have a good Monday!


Jerry and Suzy said...

PT&A is R Rated? Just because two guys share a bed, and Steve Martin washes his face with John Candy's undies? Hard to believe.

How terrible to be mistaken for a cute teeniebopper, Doll! We take you seriously, although we don't always act like it.

Love you,
Papa and ~G~r~a~m~m~a~

Eloise said...

People have always thought that I was younger than I was. It got a little annoying when I was your age, but now that I'm 44, no one ever asks for my ID and that's a little sad! I guess I should be grateful no one is trying to offer me an AARP discount yet, either, though.

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