Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kind of productive weekend

Well, we weren't as productive this weekend as I was hoping we would be, but we were still a little productive so I guess I should be a little bit thankful for that!

Yesterday morning, we both woke up pretty early and did some cleaning in the garage. We loaded up the truck with a load for the garbage dump...taking boxes, my old broken desk and other random stuff that has been taking up space in our house/garage. We also took about 7 large garbage bags of old clothing that we have been carting around for at least 4 years to Goodwill. We actually have an open space in our garage!!! Amazing!

After what I feel was a well deserved two hour nap, Adam and I packed up the car and met my mom, dad, little bro and his friend up in Tahoe at a beach called Sand Harbor (one of our favorite places) to celebrate my dad's birthday. It's technically this upcoming Wednesday, but we wanted to have more than just a dinner after work. We stayed for about six hours, enjoying a little bit of swimming, good food, games and a beautiful sunset! What a nice way to spend our Saturday afternoon!

This morning was not as productive as yesterday. Adam woke up pretty early, as usual, and being the wonderful husband he is, let me sleep in. After enjoying a very lazy Sunday morning, we decided it was time to get busy. We put together the baby's bassinet/play yard. It's pretty awesome! Here are some pictures of it assembled and in our room.

So, it is a play yard, but serves as a bassinet (with a vibration mode) as well as a changing table for late night diaper changes, which includes a soft light so you don't have to turn on an overhead light and wake the baby. This thing also plays music and has a sound machine with waves, rain and a few other ones to help calm the baby! What's even MORE amazing about this thing? They normally cost about $180+, and we got this bad boy for only $40 at a garage sale!!! The people only used it for about 4 months!

In order for me to want to put this in our room right now, we had to do some pretty hefty cleaning. Our room is always the last room we clean, so we had stuff EVERY WHERE! We started with stripping down the bed and putting everything on the bed so we could vacuum, throwing out the garbage and what not. We had tons of laundry that needed to be folded, however, the dogs have been sleeping on it, which means its all covered in hair and needs to be rewashed. We started on it around 2:30, and still have a ton to go! We will in no way finish that project tonight, so we'll have to work on it a little bit each day this week. I have to admit, it will be much easier to work on it load by load instead of the enormous mountain we have right now! Honestly, now that the laundry is off the floor, the room is pretty clean, so it will be easy to keep it up now.

After that, we tried to put together the baby swing a friend gave us. We quickly realized we were missing some key pieces, so I called my friend and turns out she still has them. She lives in San Diego, so we'll have to wait until she comes to visit in September before we can move forward with putting that together.

Then it was on to the kitchen. We unloaded and then reloaded the dishwasher, wiped down counters, and then discussed a new project. Our tupperware cabinet is extremely hard to keep organized, as is our pots and pans cabinet. So after taking some measurements, we went to Lowes and looked at organizing systems that slide out of the cabinets. Unfortunately, my pregnant mind spaced it and left the measurements at home. So we ended up getting a system for the pots and pans cabinet, and a temporary solution for the tupperware cabinet. We haven't installed them yet, so I'm not going to fill in the details just yet.

After Lowes, we did our grocery shopping for the week and got Papa Murphy's pizza. Now we are relaxing again, with laundry thrown in every time a new load finishes the cycle.

The weekend sure went fast...I wish I had a few more days to continue getting stuff done...I do this every weekend. I relax too much, it goes by too fast, and then I wish I had done more around the house. Oh well. The best part of the weekend besides dad's birthday? I read that I am now supposed to count the baby's kicks a couple of times during the day and started this last night. The baby is supposed to kick at least 10 times during a one hour period (when you are actually counting, not every hour). That little one kicked 40+ times in one hour!!!! I'm sure the chocolate milk I drank to get the little one excited helped things along...but good golly miss molly!!!! The baby continued it's kicking and punching this morning, and I stopped counting after 10 kicks/punches/rolling overs that happened in the first 5 minutes of paying attention. I love it when the baby moves around like that...really is the coolest feeling ever!

Hope you all had a great weekend and have an excellent upcoming week!


Jerry and Suzy said...

A pile of clean laundry with dog hair all over it ain't too good. Glad you had some time to fix that little problem!

So, you have a lively little one beating you up! Wait till Boss is two, and you'll be chasing that little one everywhere. Something to look forward to, from the voices of experience.

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