Sunday, August 9, 2009


Adam FINALLY got to feel the baby move yesterday!!! It started with us doing our morning ritual of snuggling, since that is one of the times the baby is active is when I'm waking up. He thought he felt the baby move, but was so unsure that he didn't really want to count it.

After that, we got up and went about our day. We went to Reno for Sushi (don't worry, I only had shrimp rolls!) and registered at Baby's R Us. I had a haircut scheduled for 4:30, and unfortunately it was only 1:30 by the time we were done registering, so we went to the Atlantis Casino and played Pai Gow Poker for a few hours. I'm glad we did...I got a Royal Flush on Fortune Bonus and won $150!!!! For the first time ever, we walked away from the tables up $200! We went to my hair appointment in very high spirits, and then had dinner at Chevy's.

I ate way too much chips and salsa, so when we got home, I laid on the couch to take some of the pressure off my tummy, and I could feel the baby gearing up for some big movements. I told Adam "you need to put your hand on my belly right now!" As soon as he did, that baby started kicking something fierce!!! Adam said he definitely felt that! Yay!!! I'm so glad he has finally felt the baby move! I think it puts a few things into perspective. So, lesson learned, the baby likes Chevy's! Can't say I blame the little one!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! I know we are!


Jerry and Suzy said...

Yay for Boss and for Adam. They have finally connected.

Good for you and the winnings! Keep it up and you won't need a job any more!

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