Sunday, August 23, 2009

Where did my weekend go?

Wow! The last two days went by so fast!

We started the weekend off by having our good friends - Josh, Katrina, their sweet baby boy Jack, and of course their dog Stella - over for dinner on Friday night. It's always good times when they come over! The dogs play all night long, we have good food, good conversation, and I get to hold that sweet little boy!

Saturday morning Adam and I relaxed. He played his computer game and I read and watched movies. In the afternoon, we went to help my grandma Sharon move into her new house. She sold her house in Lodi and bought one in Minden, close to the high school Sam will go to in a year (Freshman stay at the middle school and don't move up to the High School until their Sophomore year). What a gorgeous house! If you followed the link, the pictures are from when the old owner lived there...I'll eventually update after she gets a little more unpacked. She has amazing views of the mountains from her living room, dining room and kitchen. It's on a nice quiet street, which is considerably different from her last house. I think she is going to be very happy here. There's lots of places for her to go paint, and she's already starting to make friends with her neighbors. Adam and my dad worked hard helping the movers move the heavy stuff out of the truck. Mom and I focused on getting the kitchen set up so Grammy can at least eat! We worked pretty hard, and ended up getting home around 8:30. I went and laid down at 9pm and slept until about 9:30 this morning!

Adam's parents were going to come over today so Adam and Doug could work on our backyard sprinkler system and then go golfing. Sally and I were going to hang out and discuss baby blankets and other baby stuff. Turned out it was raining this morning, and we heard it was supposed to rain through out the day, so we ended up postponing until another weekend. Adam and I were able to get through some of my huge house cleaning lists and finished the living room, dining room and entry way. We also started working on the kitchen. All three areas are de-cluttered and de-trashed, vacuumed, swept, mopped, windows cleaned, dusted and just look great! I'm so glad we got more done from my lists. I was starting to worry some since we hadn't really started on the lists, and we are only 74 days away from the baby getting here. Plus, Adam's old college roommates are coming up to visit us next weekend, so we really did need to get started on cleaning so we weren't doing a crappy job next weekend. I just hope we can maintain the rooms and not let them get back to the disaster zones they were. We've done a pretty good job on our bedroom that we cleaned last weekend, so I'm hopeful!

I hope everyone else has had a productive weekend. I think I'm ready to go take a relaxing shower and then head to bed for what I hope is a restful evening of sleep (especially since Sundays are usually pretty restless for me!). Have a great weekend everyone!


Jerry and Suzy said...

Grammy will be nearby. Maybe you'll have a close-by great-grandmother to babysit?

Cleaning up can be a real drag. It's good that the two of you are doing it together, and of course, you have a real incentive! Keep at it!

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