Wednesday, October 1, 2008

3 Years of Marriage

Today is Adam and my three year wedding anniversary. I wanted to do a whole picture dedication thing, but I didn't even get home from a work thing until about 9p.m. picture dedication thing tonight.

This last year has been so amazing and wonderful! It went incredibly fast, which means we must have been having fun along the way! We have made some very big steps in our life together this year. We made huge purchases (new car, new house), we have expanded our family by adopting two wonderful dogs, have continued to become a better team/unit, and deepen our friendship and love for each other.

I had to work late tonight, so we are celebrating our anniversary on Saturday evening, when we go to So You Think You Can Dance, which I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo excited for! I absolutely love that show and can't believe we are actually going to see the dancers LIVE!!!!
Adam forgot he bought the tickets to SYTYCD, and decided to spoil me rotten by getting me a Nintendo Wii!!!! I really wanted to set it up tonight and play, but I am showing some self control and am going to wait until we get to the new house before I put it together...mainly because I wouldn't get anything done if I set it up tonight! His gift should be arriving soon, the first installment of his "Beer of the Month" club!

Here's to a great year and many more to it's time to go snuggle with the hubby!


Katrina said...

Happy Anniversary!

Jerry and Suzy said...

Renee (and Adam too, of course) -
Your post reminded us that we never sent the anniversary ecard we were going to send! Bad grandparents, bad!

It was a nice anniversary present that Tiger came home. That's one worry off your mind.

~G~r~a~m~m~a~ and Papa

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