Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ten "I love my house" Thoughts Tuesday

1. First...I love my new house!!!

2. The house has great flow and the layout is really functional.

3. I love that the living room and office have vaulted ceilings, making the rooms feel even larger than they are.

4. Adam and I painted the master bedroom a deep blue and chocolate brown before we moved in...and it is such a nice relaxing room to hang out in.

5. The living room is sunken down a little bit from the rest of the house, which really lets it be it's own room.

6. The fireplace in the living room is awesome and is definitely the main focal point of the room.

7. The dining room and kitchen have pergo flooring, which looks like real wood but doesn't require the real wood maintenance! It also looks really nice with our dining room table and hutch.

8. Our master bedroom closet is HUGE!!!!!!!!!! And it's got built in shelving already, so when I finally go through all of my clothing, I actually have a ton of space to put them all!

9. The front and backyard are completely landscaped and are just beautiful! We've got mature trees and grass, and the bulbs are already in the ground for next year. I'm pretty sure we'll even be able to hang out hammock between two of the trees in the backyard once it's warm again.

10. Our dogs love the house and the backyard, too! They run around all day long and are always so tired at the end of the day from running around and playing that they sleep ALL night long!

Yay for the new house! Once we're a little bit more moved in, I'll post some pictures. Maybe after this weekend when I've decorated some for Halloween, too!


Jerry and Suzy said...

Nee, it sounds great! We'd want to see that blue and brown bedroom before committing to that, but if it's right for you, it's right!

Isn't your first house a splendid adventure!

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