Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I remember Whens-day

I was going to take the lead from my good friend Kippy's blog this week and do a "I remember Whens-day" about the month I spent studying abroad in Germany during my sophomore year of college, but it's not possible at this point. So instead...

I remember when everything I owned had it's own place and I actually knew where those places were!

I remember unpacking at each place I lived in during college and making that place my home by unpacking everything, even if I was only going to be in that place for a short amount of time.

I remember when Adam moved in with me during my last quarter of college and how excited we were to be taking that next step.

I remember looking at places in Reno when Adam and I started thinking about moving to Nevada when I was almost done with school. We picked out an apartment and even picked out paint for it!

I remember when we moved to Nevada three days after I graduated and my parents offered to let us stay with them until we had jobs lined up.

I remember when Adam got a job offer from a company in Minden and we decided not to take the apartment in Reno.

I remember 5 months after we moved to Nevada we moved into our first apartment for just the two of us in Carson. I remember thinking that place was HUGE when we first moved in and hadn't unpacked everything!

I remember when we moved out of the apartment two years later and into our rental house. We were so excited to have more space and knew it was a step closer to owning our own home.

I remember when we closed on our house almost a month ago and how exciting it was to move in!

***I promise, I'll post about something other than our new house and our dogs soon!


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