Thursday, October 23, 2008

A nice surprise!

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I got home a little bit late from work tonight and was looking forward to a quiet couple of hours before Adam got home from school. I was home for just enough time to take out the container of low-fat cottage cheese, turn on my favorite taped soap opera and enjoy a few bites of my healthy snack when the doorbell rang.

Slightly annoyed, I got up to see who it was and was pleasantly surprised to find my across-the-street-neighbor, Byrle, standing at my door holding this:
A basket full of fun Halloween decorations!!!! (Sorry about the super bad picture...the cellophane didn't help) Apparently a man stopped by to deliver the basket earlier in the day, but wouldn't leave it without a signature. Byrle was outside (as usual! Remind me and I'll post a blog about him) and told him he'd give it to us when we got home.
Upon further opening and unpacking, I found a card telling me who it was from....Our Real Estate Agent! She sent it to congratulate us on our first home, and knowing that our neighborhood is a serious hot spot for trick-or-treaters, as well as decorations for Christmas, picked out this basket full of stuff for us! She sent us a light up ghost that changes colors, two sets of orange lights, a haunted house that you can stick a candle in, a set of pumpkin spice candles, star lights for outside, and a big light up star for the point of our house!
That was so sweet of her to do for us! She was always very nice and helpful, answering all of our questions, taking us to the houses at the top of our lists, and knowing 1. what we wanted in a house, 2. what we definitely DIDN'T want in a house, 3. what our general spending limit was (not the banks, but ours!) and 4. not trying to upsell us into a house that was too expensive or not what we needed/wanted.

Thanks for all your help Elizabeth!

And because I can, I put the ribbons that tied the whole package on the puppies and made them pose for a picture. Yes, I know...I'm evil! Just wait until I have kids!

***No puppies were harmed (physically or mentally) during this photoshoot! ;-)


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