Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Missing Adam

Adam is on a business trip for the rest of this week. He just left today and I miss him already! He's in Salt Lake City for tonight and tomorrow, tomorrow night he flies to Denver and stays Thursday, Thursday night he flies to Dallas, and then comes home Friday night. Poor guy is going to be exhausted when he gets home!

I guess it's a good thing I got a big pregnancy pillow to snuggle with! By the way...best pillow EVER! I haven't slept as well as I have with this pillow since BEFORE I got pregnant! That's a long 17 weeks of no sleep.



Jerry and Suzy said...

Adam's trip reminds us of one I (Papa) took years ago - left on Sunday for Vancouver, Monday to Calgary, Tuesday to Regina, Wednesday to Saskatoon, Thursday to Winnipeg, Friday night home to ... to take Gramma out for dinner on our wedding anniversary.

And in those days, there weren't any frequent flyer miles! Good thing we were young then, as you are young now. Bouncing back wasn't too hard then!

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