Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Busy busy busy!!

Holy smokes I've been a busy girl! This is the fourth week at my new job and I've fully submersed myself in it. I absolutely love what I'm doing and my days are just flying by!

Originally when I started, I was going to handle Territory 12, which is northeast Carson, Dayton, Virginia City and Washoe Valley. It's a great territory and there is a lot of great business to be done. of my co-workers is leaving the company to go sell TV ads for Fox TV, which will leave her territory open, Territory 18. After discussing it with my other co-workers and sales manager, I will take over her territory (officially) next week. What I really love about this new territory is that is Douglas County, which includes the very south part of Carson City where I live, Minden, Gardnerville, Genoa, Topaz Lake and South Lake Tahoe. It's a totally awesome territory, and I know a lot of the companies in Carson, Minden and Gardnerville since I have lived/worked in that area for the past three years.

So, I've been working Territory 12 this week and last to get some new businesses to run (I got 8!), and I've also been going around with my co-worker to introduce myself to her accounts. And to make life even more interesting, my other co-worker has been out of the office due to back issues (and will most likely need surgery), so I've been working in his territory as well to make sure we stay on top of reaching our monthly goals! Crazy times! After this week, I'll be the only sales person in the office until Troy recovers from everything he's going through...definitely busy, but I LOVE it!

We went camping last weekend at Sly Park with some friends. It was so much fun! The dogs had a good time, too. Jack swam and swam and swam. He ran to the water, jumped in and then swam in circles, only taking short breaks when we forced him to! Needless to say, he slept very well! Tarot is not crazy about swimming. She went in a few times, but with a lot of coaxing, and only stayed in the water when I was carrying her around! We mainly brought her into the water so we could clean her off since she was soooooo dusty.

This weekend I'll be in the Bay Area for the Martinez Peddler's Fair to sell jewelry with my mom and aunt. I'm hoping this will be a good money maker for us, since I still owe my mom for some of our business' overhead. It's going to be a busy weekend, whether we make money or not. I think after this weekend I'll have a few weeks to relax before my cousin's wedding, which will be really nice!

I hope everyone is having a great week! I'll try to update this again soon, but I'm not going to make any promises!


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