Monday, April 7, 2008

Back to Monday

Really? Is it really Monday again already? I had such a relaxing weekend, and it's always so sad when it's over!

Friday night, Adam and I had our friends Josh and Katrina over for dinner ( and I made lasagna for dinner, and Katrina brought an amazing carrot cake (recipe on her blog). Oh, and can't forget that the beautiful Ms. Stella came, too! Stella is Josh and Katrina's pure white husky. I'm pretty sure Jack is smitten with her! They played the entire time they were there! Adam and I have really enjoyed our new friendship with them, and we all try to get together for dinner once a week. It's good to have friends with similar interests...and now that we have Jack, it's even more fun to get together!

Saturday was a very relaxed day. Well, for me it was! I took Jack for a long walk, about 45 minutes. Later that morning, I met up with my mom and little bro at Costco to get some stuff for the litter, bully bones, and a new dog bed for Jack. Adam was stuck at home working on a 10 page paper for his management class. That night, we went over to my mom and dad's house for dinner, and we brought the boy. Jack had tons of fun hanging out with m&d's dogs, Bandie and Goldie. They ran around the back yard for about 4 hours! We enjoyed beer and wine, and an amazing dinner of grilled tri-tip, fruit, and garlic bread. I can't believe how much tri-tip we all ate! Then we played a couple of games of dice as a family, which is always fun. We called it a night after that...Jack was giving us "I'm so tired!!!" stares through the door, so we felt it was time to take the boy home for bed.

Sunday was also a really relaxing day. We took the boy for a walk in the morning. Adam worked on his paper for awhile and I relaxed by watching some tv and reading. In the late morning, I took Jack with me to Borders to pick up a book about Australian Cattle Dogs that Adam had ordered (that's what the boy is), and then to Petco for a little bit of training and shopping. Our trainer told us it's a good idea to bring Jack to Petco in between classes to get a little extra practice. Sometimes he has a hard time focusing in class because there are so many distractions, and because the only time we've practiced in there is during class. So we did a little shopping and Jack found a new squeaky toy and frisbee he liked, as well as his favorite stinky treat, cow hooves. After we got everything we needed, we hung out for an extra 20 minutes and practiced our commands. For the most part, he did VERY well! Then we stopped by Panda Express to pick up some lunch (which was a surprise study break for Adam). After lunch, Jack and I watched the second season of Lost while Adam continued working on his paper. We rounded out the evening by playing a mini Backgammon tournament (which I won!) taking a short walk and having a light dinner before bed.

Even though we pretty much get up at the same time and don't really sleep in on the weekends any more because Jack is anxious to get up and start the day, it's still hard to wake up on Mondays...I hate it when the alarm goes off. It reminds me of the commercial that did during the super bowl when everyone in the neighborhood wakes up and brings things with them to the nearest field to stop the sun from rising. The whole premise of the commercial is about how you don't have to fight Mondays if you have a job you like. It's actually pretty clever. But I like my job and I still hate Mondays...pretty sure that's never going to change!

Anyway...that was my weekend. Hope whoever reads this had a great weekend themselves...feel free to share if you'd like!

Happy Monday!


Katrina said...

We like hanging out with you guys too! =)
I am still trying to figure out what to make for dinner this week... any suggestions?

Nanee Plainy said...

Yay!!! Our Friends! Hmmm...not sure, but you always make good food! I've had a crappy day could always make those fabulous and super horrible for the body enchiladas! Or even the Marlboro Man Sandwiches!!! I"m going to find one of her fabulous desserts to bring.

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