Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yay! New Photos!

I know I was going to take a bunch of pictures tonight with my new camera, but it just didn't happen the way I was hoping. First, I did as I always do and only took one picture of Jack at our friends' house. Then, I came home and had to get dinner ready and do this and that and the other thing. So, here's what I got....

Mom....let's play!

Playing with Dante at Jeremy and Kippy's house
On the way home from Jeremy and Kippy's wearing his seat belt, also known as the "special dog" harness

Tiger, I know you hate me and all....but any chance you'd want to play?

No, huh....Mom....wanna play?

For the last time Dog, I don't like you, and I definitely DON'T want to play!

I'm missing pictures of an orange kitty...Poor Beaker only comes out of the back bedroom at night and when Jack is in our bedroom during the day. This morning was actually the first time I've seen him in a couple of days! Here's an old picture of the baby. Awww....isn't he sweet?
That's it for new pics right now. I will have a ton more for you in a few days...exciting stuffs going on this week/weekend! Tomorrow night my mom and I have an event we are going to where we will be able to sell some of our jewelry. Jewelry? Yes. My mom, aunt and I have a family handmade jewelry business, Decorating Us. We have yet to get a web site up and going, but maybe I will post a blog sometime soon with some of the jewelry we have done. Any who, tomorrow my mom and I will be at the Dayton Valley Country Club for a "Girls' Night Out" event, where there will be us and other vendors selling fun girly stuff to some of the women who are members at the country club and their friends. My hope is that we will do really well at this event.

Friday night we are going to meet up with Josh, Katrina and Stella. I think we are going to hit up the dog park with the lake again, which, if that's the case, I'll take some pics. Then we're coming back to our house for dinner. It won't be too much of a late night simply because we are leaving early on Saturday for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for our day with the animals for Sammy's big 13th birthday!!! I think we're also going to try to go to Scandia (mini golf, go-karts, arcade) on Sunday. Adam and are probably leaving a little earlier than everyone else because we're taking Jack to stay with our friends Derek and Alyssa for the weekend. As you can probably tell, I like to keep our family hopping! We're busy, busy, busy, but always off having fun!

Like I said, I'll try to post new stuff soon, just not sure when.


Jerry and Suzy said...

Nice to know the cats are still part of your life too.

Papa and ~G~r~a~m~m~a~

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