Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Photo madness post-poned

So, when I blogged yesterday about my camera charging as I wrote, I didn't realize two things...

1. I couldn't just hook it up to my computer at work, I had to install the software first...which I wasn't going to do on the work computer.
2. I'm a moron and put the battery in backwards, so even if I could have just hooked it up to my computer to charge, it wouldn't have mattered.

I charged the camera last night at home, but it wasn't fully juiced up until 9 p.m. and I was exhausted and only took one or two pics of Jack and the kitties. Tonight there will be some new pics because I'm taking Jack over to our friends Kippy and Jeremy's house so he can meet their furbabies, Dante and Britley. Plus, we're picking up an extra kiddie pool Kippy has for Jack. It's also my first time at their new house, so I'm sure I'll take some pics of that, too, if I'm not too silly and forget (which is what usually happens when I go places!).

Tune in later tonight!


Geminai said...

You should probably "forget" to take pics inside the house as much of it's a mess. :) I am in the mid of a HUGE photo project and have taken over the dining room table as a makeshift studio. :) haha.

But DEFINITELY pics of the pups playing! That oughta be awesome. :) If we don't all blow away, that is.

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