Friday, April 11, 2008

Fabulous, it's Friday!!!

Oh boy!!! It's FRIDAY!!!! I'm so glad to be able to have some down time over the next few days. This has not been the best week I've ever had...some work stuff went down around the middle of the week that I can't really can't talk about. Let's just say, it wasn't happy times. However, while this week sucked, it's very possible that it may not be as bad as it seems right now. I'm a very firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and I may be seeing the reason this has happened VERY soon. More to come on that when I have more information.

Some cute pictures of Jack and Stella from dinner at Josh and Katrina's last night. Their sprinkler system has been acting up and creating big puddles in the backyard. Imagine our surprise when we looked outside and saw that Stella and Jack were covered in mud! This is when I'm glad Jack isn't pure white...can't even tell he's dirty in the pics! Stella on the other hand....not so lucky!
This weekend should be super relaxing...Tomorrow Adam and I are going to view our landlord's other house and discuss options for buying it. We've decided that this is the year we are going to buy a house and luckily our landlord is super cool and is giving us some options that may work better than a regular home loan. If we decide that isn't the house for us, well, we're lucky because there is a grant one of our friends got when she bought her house. Apparently, the government is trying to get first time owners into rural areas and offers a grant up to 4% of the total house costs to assist with down payments and what not. Adam and I qualify for this grant in the area we currently live in (which we would love to stay in, too). So, whether we buy our landlord's house, or we go after another one, we're sure to be buying this year! If you are interested in learning more about the rural Nevada grant program, let me know and I'll send you the link.

Sorry about the tangent...Anyway...after we go check out the house, we're taking the boy to the dog park for the first time! I'm really excited to see how he does with other dogs and people. He's been barking a lot at other people and dogs while we're on walks. Our trainer suggested taking him to the dog park to get further exposure and socializing. There's this big event at UC Davis (Adam and my alma mater) next weekend and there are lots of other dogs and people that will be there. We'd like to take Jack with us, but I want to make sure that he isn't going to be too far out of his comfort level. If he is, we'll bring him back to our friends' house that we're staying with...but it'd be really fun if he was able to go with us and have fun and meet new people and dogs!

The other sweet thing about tomorrow...Adam is making sushi!!! MMMMMMmmmmmmm...It's been awhile since we've had sushi. I'm so excited! My parents asked us to come over because they want to learn how it's done. I know exactly how it's done...Adam goes to the store and gets all the goods. He comes home and prepares it lovingly while I watch some crappy reality television show on the couch. Then he says, "Come get your roll!" and I scamper into the kitchen and wolf down my roll. Then we repeat until we're both stuffed (yes, he actually gets some too!). I'm pretty sure once they see how much work goes into it, they'll use the same sushi process I do!

That's it for the big plans this weekend. Sunday will be a day to get some house cleaning done, and that's about it...Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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I want the link!

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