Friday, April 25, 2008

I talked to a client today and what he told me just made me so angry! Not with the client, but at what happened to him.

In this gentleman's spare time, he conducts/drives/whatevers freight trains. It used to be his full-time profession, and he still enjoys it and tries to get some time in when he can. So, he was driving the train one day and some guy decided he was going to cross the tracks right before the train came in. The man stumbled on the tracks, and the train couldn't stop in time (maybe because it's hauling tons and tons of weight behind it?) and the man ended up losing his leg.

So what is this man who was an idiot doing? He's suing my client and the train company for running over him. Are you freaking kidding me? This man decided to be a jack ass and cross the railroad tracks IN FRONT OF A TRAIN, and he gets to sue people because he is a moron?!?

Now, don't get me wrong...I love this country, but I think we have definitely messed some stuff everyone thinking they have a right to sue whoever they want even when they are at fault. You hear stories like this all the time. What about the one where a burglar breaks into someones home, and their dog attacks him, and he sues the home owners? It is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous!

All's Friday night. I'm going to stop ranting now.


Katrina said...

seriously! That is ridiculous! What is this world coming to?

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