Friday, August 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home!!!!

They accepted our offer!!! We start inspections next week and should be able to close escrow within the month of September....just in time to move in for our 3 year wedding anniversary! We are sooooooooo excited!!!

We are going to start packing this weekend...well, not so much packing as going through what we already have in the garage that either needs to be donated, tossed, or repacked. Once we have that cleaned up and have surveyed what kind of packing materials we have left from when we moved in to our current house, we'll start going through the house room by room sorting through everything so we can, again, decide what to keep, what to toss and what to donate.

We're giving 60 days notice at our rental so we have enough time after we close our house to do it slow and RIGHT so we don't pack and haul all sorts of crap we don't need like we have ever other time. Also, it will give us enough time to clean both houses so we 1. move into an awesome, new, clean house and 2. get our security deposit back from the rental.

What an awesome way to start a three day weekend!!!! Hope you all have a good one like I will!


Jerry and Suzy said...

Good for you!

What did you think of the wedding trip? You shared your excitement for weeks before it, and your readers probably would be interested in your feelings afterward.

Love you!

Nanee Plainy said...

Sorry I haven't updated about the wedding. As soon as we got back, we immediately went into house stuff. Saw it Monday, made an offer Tuesday, spent the next few days looking at financing options, offer was accepted Friday, Monday we go in for some of the inspections...close at the end of September. Already starting to clean and pack....Been a little busy! I'm getting there, though!

Katrina said...

Yay! so exciting! We are happy it is closer to us! =)

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