Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jason's Wedding

Was amazing! Adam and I got in on Wednesday, August 20, and were the first ones to arrive. It was fun to hang out with Jason and Crystal before the madness began. We had KFC and lots of beer!

Thursday, everyone started to arrive, friends, family, everyone! Auntie Deb arrived first, then some of Jason's friends. We all took a trip to Walmart to shop for the afternoon's bbq. It was so much fun hanging out with the guys! And it was really fun watching Auntie Deb hang out with them too, since they are all like her other kids. Jas made us some great burgers, the grandparents joined us, and my mom, dad and Sam finally got there! Good food, good booze, good company!

Friday we really started getting down to wedding business. We had the rehearsal dinner at an excellent restaurant called "Hot Rod Cafe." Afterwards, all the kids went out to The Shanty, a local bar. We all had a rip roaring drunk time, closing the bar down!

Saturday was wedding day. The place was beautiful...a nice little location in the woods, which is perfect for Jas and Crystal. The ceremony was beautiful, if I do say so myself! I cried a lot, but amazingly, everyone said they couldn't tell from my voice, which is good. The reception was so much fun...we ate great food, danced to good music, had great cake. We all decorated their truck with balloons, streamers and, of course, shoe polish on the windows! After Jas and Crystal drove off, we all broke down the wedding site and met at Walmart so we could give the newlyweds some time to, you know! We decided to meet at The Shanty again for karaoke, and once again, shut down the bar! A very good time was had by all, and the bride and groom joined us for the fun.

Adam and I flew home on Sunday, a bit hung over, but glad to be back. The kitties were happy to see us. We had about 4 hours before we could pick up the puppies, so the cats came and laid with me the whole time. When we picked up the puppies, they ran to us and just about turned themselves inside out with excitement. Life definitely didn't slow down as the next day we found our house!

So, that's the wedding wrap-up...sorry it's a little late!


Jerry and Suzy said...

Thanks for the report. Guess who actually arrived before you did?

Yes, it was a fine wedding. The last one in the family for a while, we guess.

Take care, we'll keep reading to find out how the new house program is coming.

Love from us

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