Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dog days...

I know I haven't posted anything new since last Monday...I've been truly enjoying my time at home with the doggies! In my last post, I mentioned how all Tarot wanted to do was sleep sleep sleep. Well, the girl slept all afternoon, all evening, and all through the night! The next morning, she was ready to play play play!

And boy did she! She and Jack played all day long! They played with all those toys Jack brought out the first day she was home. They especially love to play tug-of-war with his pink puppy...they each grab an ear and go in the opposite direction. Jack and I got this puppy at Petco one night. We went to meet with our trainer and Jack did some shopping while we waited. It was absolutely disgusting within a very short amount of time, so we had to buy it. He killed the squeaker inside of it within 20 minutes! Even though it doesn't squeak anymore, it has remained his favorite toy, and it's made out of super strong material so he can't rip it to shreds!

Jack wins most of the time, but because Tarot is still a baby and is learning the ropes, Jack lets her win sometimes.

They like it when I play, too! Good thing puppy is strong!These two also love to wrestle! They'll wrestle like this for hours, then they'll sleep for hours!
Taking a little break from all the fun!
She's a little ham for the camera!
Totally tuckered out pups!

Needless to say, Tarot definitely fits into our little family! Her and Jack get along great, and she is just a little love bug that loves to snuggle and give kisses. We're so happy we could give her a good home. Next step is to really introduce her to the kitties and make her understand they are not a snack!


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