Friday, June 6, 2008

Lots of big news...

So, it's been almost a week since I have posted anything. Life has drastically changed for me and my little family in a couple of ways....

Wednesday, May 28, I resigned from my job. I loved what I was doing, but the company was not a company I could stay with any longer. There was no room for me to move up and there was some other stuff that I was happy to get away from.

I have spent the last week and a half enjoying my time off. I've met with Adam for lunch, gone to the dog park several times, picked Sammy up from school, and just unwinding. I have also spent that week and a half searching for a new job. When I have more details on that, I'll make sure to post an update. Until then, I think I'll keep a little mum.

Last weekend we met Tarot, the dog from my last post. OH MY GOSH!!! She is the sweetest little thing! She came right up to me and gave me kisses and wanted to snuggle and get loving. She is definitely smaller than Jack, but looks a lot like him, especially when she lays her ears flat. We brought Jack with us to meet her and they played and got along just great. She is 10 months old and really is just a little love! She came for the same shelter that Jack was rescued from, and the people at Boxers and Buddies (the rescue shelter in Reno) think she may either be Jack's daughter or his half sister, which is just crazy to us! Adam and I did some heavy discussion and have decided we would like to adopt her so Jack can have a friend! We bring her home Monday afternoon! I'm really excited and I think it will be good for Jack to have a friend, since I know he misses us a lot during the day. Plus, if they are related, that would be really cool! So, she gets her Rabies shot and will also be spayed on Monday morning, then I'll go pick her up.

Those are the two major things going on with us. I hope all is well for everyone else! Leave a comment and let me know what new and exciting things are going on with you!


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