Thursday, June 19, 2008

My poor little girl....

...has to get stitches! We were at Josh and Katrina's last night for dinner and all the dogs were playing and having fun. Josh went outside to take a phone call and noticed Tarot had a huge gash on her back left leg! She wasn't limping or anything, she kept wanting to run around and play.

We gave her some Benedryl to sedate her a bit and then cleaned the wound with Hydrogen Peroxide, which stung her....she whelped and cried so loud, it just broke my heart! We then put some Neosporin on a piece of gauze and then wrapped her leg so she couldn't lick the wound. After that, she was ready for bed so we took her home and put her in her crate with a cow hoof.

This morning I let her out of the crate and let her outside to go potty. She, of course, wanted to play with Jack, and after 10 minutes of playing, I noticed her foot was swollen to about 3x it's normal size! I freaked out and took the bandage off her leg. By the time we got to the vet about an hour later, it was back to normal size. The vet checked her leg and she definitely needs stitches. They are going to sedate her and clean her up. I'll go pick her up around 4:30.

So, between Jack's two visits (the first one for his tummy when he ate the dirt, and the one last week for the growth's in his mouth - by the way...he just has puppy warts, doctor said they are fine), and this one for Tarot, we've spent about $500 at the vet in the past THREE weeks! I'm about done going to the vet. I'm thinking we need to do a pet insurance program for our pups...there are a few out there that will give up to a 90% reimbursement...still looking into them, and obviously we won't be able to get a reimbursement on this little visit. But I'm thinking it might be worth the $20/month if we only have to pay 10% of the doctor's bill.

Anyone ever used the Pet Insurance programs? If so, which one and was it worth it?


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