Monday, June 16, 2008

Dogs and Cats....

...can sometimes co-exist together. Jack had gotten to a point of co-existing with Tiger and Beaker. Sure, he would still chase them every now and then, but for the most part, he and the cats could be in the same room together with some sort of truce.

Now that the girl is with us, any sort of truce Jack had with the cats has been blown to smitherines! Jack and Tarot have been ganging up on both of the cats and bark and chase them all over the house. Tonight, Tiger got outside (he's learned how to open the screen door). Adam and I went out looking for him but couldn't find him anywhere. Tarot found him for us....and chased him all over the back yard. Jack joined in and they both chased him all over the back yard and into the house. They were too fast for us to catch them, and we finally caught up with them in my office. Tiger was holding his ground, and the dogs weren't trying to hurt him, just barking at him and scaring him in general.

I did a lot of barking at the dogs on my own and I dragged them out of the room and yelled at them some more. Pretty sure they got the point....they walked away with their heads down and Tarot had her tail between her legs. We've since made up. At this point, Tiger still has not come out of his hiding spot...I don't blame him for staying safe!

Upon further inspection of the dogs, I found the outer shell of one of Tiger's claws in each of their faces, right above their eye. Looks like my kitty was able to defend himself after all! They're just lucky they didn't get a claw to the eye!

Does anyone have any advice on how to train the dogs to leave the kitties alone? Thanks!


Katrina said...

I dont really have any advice, Stella took a while, but they got used to each other. Sometimes it is harder when there are 2 dogs, because they get a pack mentality. Stella and my parents dog are fine with the cats, but when they get together at my parents house they always go after the cats.

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