Friday, June 20, 2008

Update on Tarot

She's doing fine. I picked her up from the vet yesterday afternoon. She has a hot pink bandage covering the staples in her leg. The doctor said she had to trim the skin flap before she could refit it to cover the gash.

We have some medications to give is a pain pill that she gets every 12 hours, and the other is an antibiotic that she gets every 8 hours. Adam and I were supposed to go out of town this weekend and the dogs were going to stay with his parents. But with Tarot's situation, Adam is going to stay home with the dogs. I'm still going...

Where you ask? Well, my cousin, Jason (who is more like a brother to me), and his fiancee, Crystal, are going to be in the Bay Area this weekend. They're getting married in August and my aunt wanted to throw Crystal a bridal shower tomorrow. Plus, Jason's 25th birthday is Sunday, so we can all celebrate with him. They live in Idaho, so it's been awhile since we've seen them, and I'm really looking forward to the weekend. I will also get to see my best friend Libby this weekend! She lives about three blocks away from my aunt. I haven't seen her since November, so this weekend should be really great!

That's it for now. I'll make sure to post something when I get home with pictures from the shower and the bachelorette party we're throwing for Crystal Saturday night!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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