Monday, May 5, 2008

As promised....part 1

As promised! Here we go....

As I mentioned earlier, this week has just been insanely busy. Any particular reason? No, not really. It just seemed like a whorl-wind hit my life. Speaking of whorl-wind....check out these pictures!!! I was driving home Tuesday night, and this is what I drove through....

The wind was so bad, a dusty field blew across the highway, literally!
This was the view from our driveway when I got home!
Friday, Josh and Katrina came over for dinner and brought Stella. We enjoyed a dinner of chicken enchilada soup while the dogs played. I have to admit, it was quite tasty! Then Adam and Josh went to see Iron Man. Katrina had some stuff to get done around their house before they left for Manteca on Saturday. Mom and I met up and saw Made of Honor with Patrick Dempsey. I actually really enjoyed it. I was thinking it was going to be like My Best Friend's Wedding, which I hated, but it was different. The reason I dislike My Best Friend's Wedding is because Julia Roberts' character doesn't want the man until he tells her he's getting married, then she tries to steal him away. In Made of Honor, Patrick Dempsey's character realized he loved the girl BEFORE he found out she was I generally think it's more romantic for a man to chase after a woman, and somewhat skanky for a woman to chase after a taken man. Hypocritical, probably. Oh well!

Saturday, Adam and I hung out at home. I got some gardening done. I had bought some tomato and strawberry plants, and I've been stockpiling flower and herb seeds for a few months now. It was nice to finally clean out all the old planters and fill them full of hopeful new life. We also filled up the kiddie pool for Jack. Of course, I forgot to take pictures...maybe this next weekend! Saturday night I went over to my mom and dad's house for some jewelry making with my mom. We have a show coming up in less than two weeks and I wanted to make some new pieces. I haven't taken pictures of them yet, but I will soon.

Sunday, Adam and I wanted to take Jack to the dog park so we could run him. Unfortunately, there was a dog agility event going on, and only dogs participating in the event could enter the park. We decided to take Jack for a mini hike in the hills behind our housing development. Here are the pics from the walk.Tired Puppy....Time to go home!
I'm going to start a new link for Sammy's birthday celebration.


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