Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Close ups

I took some scenery shots today during my lunch breaks. I had some fun taking them and trying to take some different shots. I then used photoshop element to play around with the colors. I've been told my images are really large when you click to enlarge them, but I'm not sure how to reduce their size. Anyone working with Photoshop have any tips?

Enjoy!Align CenterI was trying to catch the mountains behind the pine cone.

There was a small break in the rain, which helped. I heard that when the background is blurry, it's called "Bokey" (pronounced Bow-kay). Thanks Pioneer Woman!

Amazing how a tree stump which wasn't more than a foot in diameter can have so many rings!

Does anyone know if this is a weed or a wild flower?

I know this one is a weed. I just thought it was really interesting.

I took this one when I got home. Sam and his friend did this with a stamp during class. I love the look on his face. It looks like he just woke up and is surprised that his face is blue. See my other blog for another one of him and his silly face paint.


Geminai said...

The term is bokeh. :)


Sorry, I don't use Elements so I can't help you with resizing. :(

Nanee Plainy said...

Oh yeah...I figured I'd probably spell it wrong! I was just excited to learn a new photography term!

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