Friday, May 9, 2008

In the market

Some exciting news that I forgot to post earlier this week...Adam and I met with a loan officer from our Credit Union last week and were approved for a home loan!!! We have been looking at homes on-line for quite some time now, but never thought we'd be able to take the next step of hiring a Realtor and actually scheduling appointments to see the houses. We're definitely excited!

So, when do we move onto the next step? Well, not really sure yet. This weekend is pretty full, and next weekend I'm in the Bay Area for a Peddler's Faire to sell jewelry, so it will most likely be a few weeks before we start REALLY looking. The good thing is, we're not really on a time limit, so we're okay with taking our time. Plus, we really want to stay in the housing development we are currently renting in, and don't mind waiting for the right house to open up.

Here are a couple of houses we're interested in, just from what we've seen on-line, in our area and another one close by:
This one is super high end of our loan amount, and we would have to do some serious negotiating for it to be low enough to where we'd be comfortable....but boy is it pretty!

I'll make sure to keep an update on when we decide to move onto the next step and when things go from medium to spicy!


Jerry and Suzy said...

How exciting when you learn you actually can buy a house! Took us five years for our first one, then they kept coming after that, especially when Papa's job took us to another city!

Papa and ~G~r~a~m~m~a~

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