Monday, May 5, 2008

As promised....part 2

See the previous post for Part 1.

After our walk, we went home and got cleaned up to go over to mom and dad's house for Sam's official 13th birthday dinner. Since he is the birthday boy, he chose to have Nachos for dinner. But not just any Nachos....That's right...that is a giant can of Condensed Nacho Cheese!

To prepare this amazing cuisine, you put it in the crock pot, add some water to thin out the cheese, and heat. It's Sam's favorite! The nachos also included beef, tomatoes, jalapenos, olives, sour cream, guacamole and salsa. They were actually very tasty.

When present time came, Sam opened Mom and Dad's present first.

It was a portable guitar amp so Sam can take his electric guitar to his friend's house.

He opened Adam and my presents next. We got him an iPod Nano and a protective case for it. He was super stoked!For dessert, we had homemade ice cream cake.
Dad is excited for Sam's birthday too!
This is Goldie, one of mom and dad's dogs...He's a big love bug!
Jack just wanted to come inside....too bad for him!
Dad and Sam figuring out how to get songs onto his new iPod.
Today at lunch I took some scenic pictures of the mountains from the town I work in....I love living in Northern Nevada!
My first panoramic image taken...You know what's cool? My camera will "stitch" the images I take together...That's what the blackish lines are.
And this is someone's front yard...Notice anything kinda random? Yeah, that's a full-sized metal cow!
This is Jack's favorite car toy. He loves this squeaky little ducky! He plays with it each time he goes for a car ride in the truck.
Anyway....that's the weekend! Lot's of pics. I'm sure I'll be able to update this more regularly this week. I'm not on deadline for work, which helps.

Hope everyone had a great week last week, a relaxing weekend, and a happy Monday today!


Jerry and Suzy said...

Hey, Nanee! Good to catch up with you after a week. We wondered where you had gone.

Good pix of Sam's birthday!

Love, ~G~r~a~m~m~a~ and Papa

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