Saturday, May 31, 2008


Today we went to our favorite sushi restaurant, Wasabi's, for lunch. Sam likes sushi, but has only had it a few times, so we took him with us.
Here he is enjoying part of a Wendy roll, which has shrimp, avocado, onion wrapped in Nori (seaweed) and rice, with sweet soy sauce and sesame seeds. Yummy!

This is my favorite roll, a macho roll. It has tempura shrimp, red onion, cream cheese, jalapeno pepper, wrapped in nori and rice, topped with the same sweet soy sauce, sesame seeds, green onion and red hot sauce...I could seriously eat these all day long!
Yum...I am completely full and ready for my sushi coma (aka: Nap time)!
The local Harley-Davidson just built a brand new building and today was their Grand Opening. After sushi, Sam and I dropped Adam off and went down to check out the activities. We missed the Moto Cross events, but Sam and his friend Jesse, who was down there with his dad, were very happy to watch the Harley Babes do their numerous dance routines. They both got the girls' autographs and a photo with them.

Now the three of us are just hanging out around the house. Later tonight, Adam is going to take Sam to a new movie, The Strangers. I'm not going because it's a scary movie and I don't do scary!

Tomorrow we are going to take Jack to the Sparks Marina, an off-leash dog park where he can play in the water and with other dogs. Afterwards, we're going to the rescue that we got Jack from to meet a dog that they brought in from the same high-kill shelter they saved Jack from. Her name is Tarot and she is the same age and breed as Jack, except she still has her tail and her ears stick straight up. We're thinking about adopting her so Jack has a friend. Adam met her last week and fell in love with her, so me and Jack will meet her tomorrow and we'll make our decision then.

This is Jack's picture from when he was in the rescue shelter.
And here is Tarot's picture. Strange how similar they are, isn't it? If we do decide to adopt her, I'm pretty sure we are going to name her Jill, so we'll have Jack and Jill.

I'll post an update tomorrow. In the meantime, I hope everyone is having a great Saturday!


Katrina said...

We need to go to sushi sometime... I am seriously craving it. even if it's just the two of us. ;-)

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