Friday, May 30, 2008

Jack's first trip to the Vet

My silly, silly dog had his first trip to the Vet's office today. Last night after Josh, Katrina, and Stella left, we went to feed Jack his dinner. Now, normally, he "hoovers" his food down within a matter of seconds. Last night, not so much. He didn't run over to his dish when we put it down, and he definitely did not hoover it. He looked at it and walked a way. That is when we noticed his tummy looked extremely bloated, and his eyes dull and lethargic. He also had really bad gas, and a lot of it! Note: our boy doesn't usually have gas, so this was worrisome to us.

This morning, he was frisky and playful like he always is in the morning. He jumped up on the bed to say good morning and even ate all of his breakfast. However, he didn't eat very fast at all, which worried me more. I went outside and found a few fresh poo piles, and it let's just say, they definitely weren't solid. I immediately called the vet and made an appointment.

When we got there, he was playful and happy. All the nurses and even the vet fell in love with him, of course. The vet, Dr. Hewlett, felt Jack's belly and acknowledged it was definitely bloated. Plus, he kept passing stinky gas that everyone could smell! The next course of action was to take x-rays of his tummy to see what was going on.

Not sure what you're looking at? Neither was I! Let me highlight a few things for you.

The circled area above is what Jack's stomach should look like on a regular day. Nice and small, right?

The circled area in this picture is the size of his stomach right now. 3 times what it should be! The black areas is his colon, which is full of gas! There was a 30 minute time period yesterday when I left the house. He got into the trash, and I was thinking that's what was wrong, until I saw the x-ray. After seeing the x-ray, I was wondering if he has been eating my plants and dirt in the back yard because he's been digging. However, I'm starting to think I know what happened. During the time I was gone, Jack got into his dog food as well, and I think he has been sneaking into when we're not looking and eating a lot of food.

So, what's our course of action? Antibiotics, some liquid something or other to calm his stomach, fasting for tonight, and extremely mild meals for a few days. Dr. Hewlett says she's pretty sure he will be okay because he's already starting to digest whatever it is he's been eating.

All this fun for the low price of $200!!! Oh boy!


Katrina said...

Do you think that it would be him getting into his regular food? cause I dont think that would case it if he usually eats it. Our dogs have always been allowed to eat whenever they want, when they want and have never had any problems. Unless he is just gorging himself. I would guess it is the dirt and stuff from the plants, maybe. I don't know. But I hope he gets better soon!

Nanee Plainy said...

Well, he's such a little piggy when it comes to feeding time. We give him a certain amount in the morning and evening...and I'm pretty sure if he had the chance to get into his food, he would. That's why I think it is his food...but who knows for sure!

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