Thursday, May 22, 2008

Holy Smokes! A New Post!

I know...I've been away for awhile! There's been a lot of stuff going on in my life so there should be lots of updates...but we all know that, even though this is a blog and I should be able to talk about a lot of stuff going on my life, I can't really talk about EVERYTHING that's been going on lately. There are some life altering events that are in the works and I will be able to update everyone as soon as it's done, but until then...mum's the word! And no, I'm NOT pregnant!

For a quick update on what I can talk about....

My cousin Jason (who is practically like my brother!) asked his girlfriend of 7 years to marry him! I'm so happy for them! We knew it was coming soon, just weren't sure when. They are 95% sure that the wedding will be on Saturday, August 23, the anniversary of when they started dating. Where is the question. There has been talk of doing it in Idaho, where they live, as well as talk of doing it in our area, Northern Nevada, because most of their friends are in Northern California (a very short trip away). Wherever they decide to do it, it is going to just be beautiful, since both areas are amazing. Also, Jason and I made a deal when Adam and I got married. The deal was, Jason would officiate our wedding if I would do his. Are either of us ministers...nope. What you do is you go to county office and get "deputized" so you can perform civil service weddings for 24 hours. Adam and I originally got the idea from his brother, Casey, when he asked Adam to officiate his wedding. I thought that was such an honor to be the one to bring two people together in matrimony, that it only seemed right to have my closest friend, Jason, do that for us. And on August 23, I'll be returning the favor!

Last weekend my mom, aunt and I went to the Bay Area to show our jewelry at a Peddler's Fair. I will be posting pictures from that at a later time. How did we do? Actually, not too bad for the conditions! It was hotter than concrete during an Arizona summer, which meant not many people were out during the afternoon, but we did some pretty good business in the morning when it was only 85 degrees. We'll be doing the same show again on August 2nd, so if anyone reading this is going to be in Martinez, CA that weekend, come on down and say hello! Our company name is Decorating Us...Jewelry for the Body, Mind and Home. Other Jewelry news...My new stuff did very well at the show, which means I need to make more new stuff! We've got the show in August, we've applied to Candy Dance (a huge show in this area) in September, and there are a few other things we have lined up. I really do need to be more prolific and productive!

Josh, Katrina, Stella, and our new friend Ed came over for dinner last night. Adam made homemade pizza for us and we topped it off with good conversation and root beer floats! The dogs played and played and played, as usual. They also had fun digging up my planter boxes, which was not fun for me because I've actually done a good job on them this season!!! Luckily, I never follow the rules when I plant seeds and I was going to have to thin the plants out anyway. The dogs took care of that for me! At least my nasturtiums, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, and strawberry plants were all safe! The casualties were my string beans, and I think the Delfiniums, which, as I mentioned, needed to be thinned out. Now I know the next time Stella comes over that I need to put my plants up...I should've known anyway, she digs at home.

That's pretty much it for now. I'll try to be better about updating...but I'm not going to promise anything! Send me a comment and tell me what's new with you!


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